I'm back!

After finding myself frustrated with the blog, I gave up. Tossed my hands and disconnected my domain from it. But after a while I realized I really missed it and I do need it. I was tossed to and fro, like many leaving Twitter, and couldn't decide how I wanted to move forward. I do exist on Mastodon, so you can find me there for a Twitter-esque like experience. I've also got my eyes on other platforms coming up from the Twitter ashes. I do love that new platform smell. But Mastodon is nice for real.

I also started a LinkedIn newsletter which is cool, and I will be continuing that once a month. Please subscribe there if you want. I think I'll also cross-post those newsletters here as well.

Please also follow along with this blog and let me know how I'm doing in the comments. I really want comments and I want us to have some fun, like in the old blogging days. 

Peace out. ✌️