May 2022 update on Jonah of Olympic

Orange image with black text. Large black text says, "Jonah of Olympic." Smaller black text says "A Mercedes Masterson Detective Story." And the author of the story in black text says, "Nathan Weaver." There is also a black pair of hands in handcuffs. And the number two in black text but surrounded by a white circle. This is located above the letter I in Olympic, like the dot. This indicates it is the second in the book.

I just wanted to add a short update on Jonah of Olympic, which is overdue but still coming along. I polished up Chapter 29 and wrote Chapter 30 this week. On Monday to be precise. It's coming along, it just happens to be the longest work I've ever done. That, and combined with going back to school, it's been fickle keeping my schedule. I do have hopes to get the first draft and beta readership finished this year, though. Everybody cross their fingers with me. It's hard to believe we're already looking at summer in the near distance. Stay cool kids.