I've been hard at work writing the second book in my series and am nearing the completion of the first draft which is exciting. For now, it looks like 2023 will be the year of Jonah of Olympic.  But I've also been working on something else... this image is a tease. 😉

Wrapping up draft 1 of Jonah of Olympic

I started writing Jonah of Olympic, book 2 in my Mercedes Masterson series, on Dec 7, 2020, at 3:23 PM. I plan to end this first draft within the next month. My current deadline is October 31st. Fingers crossed. It's been a wild ride. 🔥

Update on Jonah of Olympic, Chapter 36 and beyond

Chapter 36 bit the dust on Monday. It and the next chapter effectively end the main conflict of the book. Which means the next few chapters will be there to wrap it up. I also outlined the rest of the book and as of now I have only 7 chapters left. I've been writing a chapter a week, so in theory that leaves me with about 7 weeks left. Barring I don't remove a chapter, consolidate a chapter, or write more than one per week.  My latest deadline was October 31, which is the anniversary of when I was released Sweet Sixteen Killer, and Halloween ! I might try to get two chapters done in one week to meet that deadline. Fingers crossed. 

Jonah of Olympic moodboard

Like a lot of folks, I use Pinterest to gather visual ideas. But I like to keep a refined version of my Jonah of Olympic moodboard in Raindrop . Here it is below: I highly recommend Raindrop if you want a bookmarking tool or way to create moodboards that aren't on Pinterest. 

A new music project: Woman of Steal album

PEEPS! I've decided to start dabbling in music once more. I'm not particularly good, but I can compose a little on a computer. I've decided to start an album project that is a soundtrack (w/out the film) which tells a story through the tracks of the album. It has an 80s scifi/fantasy vibe. Lots of synth. For now, I'm kinda using it as a creative thing to do when I have time and need a refresher between schoolwork and such. I have two tracks composed for now.  The plot I'm working with goes like this:  🌈 Story revolves around a mystical and powerful woman from the distant planet of Lesbos named Olivia – the Woman of Steal. Her mother is the Queen, Her Highness of Lesbos. Her Highness sends Olivia after the Marauders who have stolen the precious Destiny Stone from which all of Lesbos gains their power. Without the Destiny Stone Lesbos will slowly die. This all takes place in the distant future world of 2022. I've created a track list that tells a story and I'

Chapter 31 and other things...

This past week I smashed out Chapter 31 of Jonah of Olympic. It was a very fascinating chapter to write and I'm excited for people to read it. As I am for the whole book. I wish I could just fast forward to it being ready for public consumption but where's the fun in that, right? School stuff.  I also rocked out another term. I'm now on week 2 of the new term. I also just found out today that I'm three terms into my degree and have made Honor Roll three times. Not too shabby. 

My first memory in life

PROMPT: What’s my first memory?  I can very vividly recall my first memory. I was a baby and had woken up from a nap in my crib. And I just laid there on my back watching the dust particles in the sunlight coming in through the window. I was mind blown. I had no idea what these dust particles were and desperately needed to know. I don't know how long I laid there mesmerized, but it felt like a long time.  I suppose I'm still laying on my back, trying to understand life around me.  What about ya'll? Answer the prompt in the comments. What was your first memory?

May 2022 update on Jonah of Olympic

I just wanted to add a short update on Jonah of Olympic, which is overdue but still coming along. I polished up Chapter 29 and wrote Chapter 30 this week. On Monday to be precise. It's coming along, it just happens to be the longest work I've ever done. That, and combined with going back to school, it's been fickle keeping my schedule. I do have hopes to get the first draft and beta readership finished this year, though. Everybody cross their fingers with me. It's hard to believe we're already looking at summer in the near distance. Stay cool kids.

Reading with audio: Audiobooks and Text-to-Speech

I've always seemed to struggle reading a lot of books. I look around at the number of books some people read a year and I'm blown away. I used to credit it to being a slow reader, but I later proved that wasn't the problem. I just didn't understand why I struggled with reading books so much. That said, I read a lot. All the time. A lot of non-fiction in short form, like articles or blog posts. It was books, and especially fiction ones, where I struggled most. It was always so frustrating because I love reading and always want to be reading more.  My son, who is autistic, has been amazing at reading but over the past few years has transitioned to reading mostly with audio. Some of it is confidence I think as reading out loud can be embarrassing or what have you. But his struggle and transition to audio made me realize maybe that was part of my problem.  Audiobooks.  I first started with trying out audiobooks. I read through several short sto

Writer's block on a school assignment

Man, I have been going nuts trying to pick something to write about for this assignment. Finally picked something after almost picking something multiple times. And finally got half the assignment done. Progress is a plus.