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I am what I am: Deep thoughts on existing when others don’t want you to

Welcome to March 2023. It’s a wild year to be alive. So I’ve decided to take some time to spin some positive vibes out into the universe. I try to do this regularly, especially on my social media sites. But first, let’s take a jump into the deep side of the pool. A lot of US states are desperately trying to ban or censor gay, trans, and other folks from the public, because as Senator Mike Moon of Missouri believes, “Exposure creates confusion” (Henshaw). That’s why he introduced a bill to censor K-12 educational staff and faculty from discussing gender or sexual identity. If passed, it would, “only allow discussion of gender or sexual orientation by a licensed mental health provider with parental permission” (Henshaw). The obvious disgusting element here being that he wants to equate these issues to mental illness. It’s also important to note that folks like Moon like to bemoan that this is all to protect children, his bill is called “Vulnerable Child Compassion and Protection Act” aft

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